The Benefits of Yoga

people doing yoga at board30 Albuquerque in black fitness attire

Yoga is far from a new practice. It’s routes flow all the way back to ancient Hindus and across the early western world. There are early mentions of travelers from the east coming to India to study yoga and learn its ways. Something so ancient and long-lasting must have lasted so long for a reason? The benefits of yoga are far-reaching and go far beyond just the physical. Let’s explore some of the benefits of yoga.

Physical Benefits of Yoga

Perhaps the most obvious benefits of yoga are the physical improvements it brings to your health. The biggest improvement most people will see is in their flexibility. Yoga focuses a lot on stretching and strength. It challenges the body to move in new ways and stretches muscles in ways other exercises often miss. This stretching helps to build your strength and perfect your posture. Yoga causes you to take your joints through their full range of motion helping to prevent joint and cartilage breakdown. It is great for those with arthritis. It can also help to drain lymphs and increase blood flow. Both contributing to an overall healthier lifestyle.

Mental Benefits of Yoga

The mental benefits of yoga go far beyond the physical ones. Yoga pushes you to find mental calmness. To truly practice yoga, you must let go of anxiety and stress and focus on keeping a clear mind. This practice can help you to maintain this practice in the rest of your life. Yoga is a great place to let your mind relax and find peace. This can help relieve tension and stress that causes sleep disruptions and allow you to sleep deeper and better. Yoga also offers a judgement free zone to work on your health and self. This can help you boost self-esteem and inner strength. Yoga focuses on finding inner peace and control. As you work to control your breathing and focus on clearing your mind, you will find inner peace.

At BOARD30 we offer a variety of yoga classes for beginners to experts. We know the benefits of yoga reach far and can’t wait to help you experience them. Our team is experienced and ready to help you on your journey to strength and peace. For more information on our classes visit our website or contact us at 505.375.4404!