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Our signature HIIT training class focuses on working with multiple angles and levels of resistance to gain strength, mobility, balance, and improve cardio capabilities. This music oriented class applies elements of pilates, yoga, strength training, power moves and cardio, utilizing floor to ceiling resistance anchors.

Classes are 30 minutes followed by a 5-6 minute cool down.


For an extra challenging workout, this HIIT circuit training class combines BodyBoard, Board 30 Body Barre, Sandbell weights, Pilates equipment, and more for the most complete, full body workout you've ever experienced.

Previous BodyBoard experience strongly suggested.

Classes are 45 minutes with a 5-6 minute cool down.


Our classic Board30 BodyBoard class but one step up in length with a little more cardio sprinkled throughout!

Previous BodyBoard experience encouraged but not necessary.

Classes are 40 minutes with a 5-6 minute cool down.


Designed to tighten your buns and tone your guns, this class features the best resistance exercises with a sprinkle of cardio. Get ready to feel that FIRE!


A 30-minute interval flow, movement based class. Focus on form, balance, strength and muscle lengthening. Gentle on your joints and fun! All levels welcome.  

Classes are 30 minutes followed by stretching.

Board30 Yoga Mobility

This hour-long class combines repetitive mobility movement with yoga poses to open the entire body and unlock tight areas from inactivity or more intensive exercise. This class uses full-body fascial stretching, yoga flows, and mobility tools to address specific postural concerns, increase body awareness, and improve range of motion. The mobility modalities in this class will help you sustain strength while reinvigorating tired and tight muscles.

Beginner Board30

We recommend starting here if it's your first visit to Board30. This is our signature Board30 class geared toward first-time visitors, with a bit more time demonstrating and transitioning between exercises.

Classes are 30 minutes followed by a 5-6 minute cool down.

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