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Deanna was introduced to Board30 when she lived in Denver, Colorado. After falling in love with the fast-paced, quick and effective classes for all abilities, she knew she wanted to open a Board30 studio when she and her husband Tom relocated to Albuquerque.

After a long career in marketing, Deanna is excited to share her love for a healthy lifestyle and physical well-being with others. She is passionate about helping people get fit and live a healthy lifestyle overall, which aligns well with the exercise philosophy of Board30.

When not in the studio, you’ll find her playing volleyball, biking, or spending time hiking and camping in the mountains with Tom and their dog Henry.


Alison Roberts, Instructor

Health and fitness have played a constant role in Alison's life for many years. As a 500ERYT she’s taught yoga over 10 years. She is also a TRX coach, personal trainer, and certified health coach.

Board30 is her latest certification and she welcomes it to her wealth of knowledge in this industry and is excited to explore all of the benefits and new ways to train the body.

Alison is a mom to two young boys who keep her very busy!


Jennifer Hart, Instructor

Jen found her passion for fitness at a young age. Playing sports such as soccer and doing ballet were staples of her childhood. Later in life she discovered HIIT workouts and fell in love. In 2017 she became a certified HIIT trainer at a local gym.
Being able to help people become healthy and confident is what made her want to continue her fitness journey with Board30. She is excited to join a community that focuses on health, strength, happiness and self love for all ages and fitness levels.

Brandy Zutell, Instructor

Brandy is a military brat with roots in Yorktown, Virginia, but now calls Rio Rancho home. She is a lifelong athlete with experience playing soccer, weight lifting, HIIT, resistance training and working with friends and family in a personal capacity to start their fitness journeys.

Now, she has turned her focus on training clients at Board30. She is excited to introduce Board30’s philosophy of fusing cardio and strength training using resistance bands.


Kathleen Connelly, Instructor

Kathleen “Kat” Connelly is a certified Doctor of Physical Therapy who recently moved to New Mexico from New Jersey. She has a background in group fitness training spanning from boot camp to indoor cycling as well as HIIT training classes.
With her knowledge of the human body, Kat can help adapt and modify various Board30 movements as needed to make them work for any fitness level. Get ready for a fitness challenge, great music and lots of fun in each class with Dr. Kat.

Jenna Hice, Instructor

Jenna started her fitness journey at a boutique gym where she fell in love with the art of working out. She put herself through intense training for her own personal body transformation. Her passion for fitness became contagious and she knew what she needed to do—help others experience a body transformation too.

Jenna then focused on getting the certifications to start helping others with their fitness goals. She worked in boutique gyms as a fitness and weight loss instructor, gaining experience in HIIT style workouts, boxing, kettlebells, and circuit training. But she didn’t stop there... Jenna wanted to connect the body to the mind and help people heal from within. So she decided to get her 200 RYT yoga certification. Now she is a certified yoga instructor with a true passion to help others be the best version of themselves both inside and out.

In her spare time, Jenna can be found enjoying quality time with her wife and daughter. They love cooking together, crafting, and enjoying nature.

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Jenae Robertson, Instructor

Jenae was a competitive athlete throughout high school and after being conditioned to training with a team and coach, the transition to college and maintaining a healthy lifestyle became her own responsibility.

She discovered HIIT workouts and they transformed her body while fitting in with her busy lifestyle.

Jenae’s passion for fitness led her to becoming a certified HIIT trainer and working at a local boutique gym for three years. Now Jenae is looking forward to continuing her fitness journey at Board30!