Meet Our Newest Instructor – Danika Nowatzke

Board 30 Instructor Danika Nowatzke

Meet Danika Nowatzke. Danika is now a Board30 instructor, but before that she was a client for 8 months.

We don’t think Danika’s alone in how she feels and wanted to share her story.

Here it is in her own words:

“Board30 has been a key part in my healing journey. Not only has it changed and strengthened my body but has done wonders for my mental and emotional health.

Just taking that first step… I had never worked out in a class or otherwise. I was scared, and terrified when I first started, cried in the parking lot before going in and the first few times I left but I kept going. I kept going because the trainers are amazing… encouraging you with kind words, giving tips on how to adjust to your level and most of all just being welcoming and judgment-free.

The second reason is the people that I work out with, I love being able to listen to their stories, getting new perspectives and having the support of many women, it’s the BEST feeling!!!

Third…I love Board30 Albuquerque.

Just come… try it… yes it’s scary the first few times but everything is!!! You will love it!!”

Thanks for sharing your story Danika! You’re such an inspiration to us and our clients.