What are BOARD30 Skybands?

women working out using BOARD30 resistance skybands

At BOARD30 we want to make sure you are getting the most out of every single workout. We know if you aren’t feeling some burn your workout probably isn’t doing all it should for you. But we also don’t want you to overwork your joints or cause yourself harm. That’s why we developed the BOARD30 program. A series of cardio blasting exercises using our body board, resistance bands, and skybands to maximize your workout.  

What are BOARD30 Skybands?

As we mentioned above our Skybands are resistance bands extended from the ceiling above your body board. Skybands work in conjunction with the other resistance bands to improve your workout and mobility. They help give you an extra lift during jumping and standing movements, to help you feel as if you are flying through the air. 

What are the Benefits of Skybands?

BOARD30 Skybands give a springy, bungee like feeling as you glide over your board during cardio exercises. The extra assistance from the bands when landing can help ease strain on joints and make cardio classes easier on all athletic levels. Not to mention it makes routines fun and enjoyable. You will love our upbeat workouts that make exercise fun and help you forget you’re sweating.

You may not actually be bungee jumping but our skybands will feel like you’re soaring through the air. Join us for a class and up your workout to a fun routine that will have you off your feet, literally. To learn more, check out our website