A Yoga Pose to Promote Digestion

woman in workout gear resting up on her elbows with legs straight up against the wall

It is no secret the benefits of yoga are far-reaching. It is not only a great exercise but also can benefit your mental health and other body functions. One of the benefits of yoga includes increased digestive health. Many yoga poses can increase your digestive health, but we love one specific yoga pose to promote digestion. 

Yoga Pose to Promote Digestion

The pose legs on wall is great for promoting and increasing digestive health. Also known as Viparita Karani the pose requires little strength or flexibility. Simply lay flat on your back and extend your legs upward from your hips as if they were up against a wall. If needed, you can do this with your legs rested against a wall. You will gain more benefits from doing this without a supporting surface. The legs on wall pose allows the body and mind to relax. This relieves tension and stress on your body’s nervous system. 

The Benefits of Legs on Wall Pose

Legs on wall pose has many benefits. It helps eliminate built up stress and tension in your body reducing bloat, reducing headaches, and supporting the immune system. It can help ease tension in your digestive system and alleviate stress to help it regain normal function. Alleviating digestive discomfort and headaches can help you regain sleep too. We do recommend a full range of yoga poses for the best results. But this is a great pose to turn to if you’re having trouble with bloat or sleep. 

BOARD30 Yoga

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