Board30 Albuquerque Adds New Early Morning Classes to Provide More Availability

Board30 Albuquerque is a unique, specialty gym in Albuquerque providing full-body workouts in just 30 minutes. Since opening in 2021, they’ve ridden the waves of the pandemic, providing people with safe opportunities to exercise. And now that more people than ever are going back to the office, Board30 ABQ added two new 5:45 am classes.…

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The Board30 system is different from other fitness classes or gyms. Our clients always stay in one spot the entire class, on their own Bodyboard, and each Board is ideally positioned away from the other. However, we want everyone to feel comfortable and have taken extra precautions in compliance with state guidelines:  • All clients must wear…

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Find the Right Workout for You

BOARD30 Santa Fe find the right workout for you

BOARD30 is an innovative workout experience that weaves together aspects of strength training, yoga, barre, pilates, and cardio. It’s a program for all fitness levels and abilities, and it engages the entire body to work to rebuild and repair your muscles and ligaments. Each client works out on their own individual BodyBoard, all spaced at…

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