Board 30

Let's Band together


Welcome to the BOARD30 community!

The proprietary system weaves methods from many fitness relevant practices, such as strength training, yoga, barre, pilates, and cardio. The program is accessible by all fitness levels, which makes it seem just for you.

Here are the basics:

  • A beginner or advanced athlete will experience a thorough workout
  • On average, you will experience 30 minutes of resistance band focused training
  • Each class combines cardio, strength training, stretching and calisthenics
  • Endless variations due to multiple anchor points
  • The abundance of full-range movements engages the whole body
  • Great for rebuilding and repairing your muscles and ligaments by engaging the entire body for a swifter recovery - There isn't a muscle that can escape the attention of the BOARD30 system!
BOARD30 stretches
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Day one

Please review the listed class variations for an excellent first fit.

As a new student to BOARD30, arrive 15 minutes before the class time, deposit your shoes at the bench, introduce yourself to the instructor who can help you find a suitable board and review the setup.  Each one-minute sustained class movement can be modified for all fitness levels.  Prepare to find the most comprehensive, empowering experience in the fitness market.